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Lanzamiento Programa de Apoyo a la Inclusión Laboral de Personas con Discapacidad

Jueves 24 de noviembre de 9:30 a 11:00 Hrs. Vía Online. Para mayor información comunicate al correo programa.inclusió


¿Necesitas incluir personas con discapacidad

a tus equipos de trabajo y dar cumplimiento
a la Ley Nº 21.015?


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A Mysterious Conversation: Vasyl Lomachenko and Tom Hardy

Vasyl Lomachenko: Hey Tom, have you ever heard of the
IBM Passport Agreement?

Tom Hardy: Yes, I have. It’s a comprehensive document that outlines the terms and conditions for using
OYO agreements with hotels. It’s an important legal framework for anyone in the hospitality industry.

Vasyl Lomachenko: Interesting. By the way, do you know
the definition of acceptance in contract law?

Tom Hardy: Yes, it refers to the moment when an offer is accepted, creating a legally binding agreement between the parties involved. It’s a crucial concept for anyone studying law, like
law students.

Vasyl Lomachenko: Speaking of legal matters, do you know
the best practices for contractor safety induction?

Tom Hardy: Absolutely. It’s essential for companies to ensure that contractors are aware of safety protocols and procedures before they start work. It’s all about legal compliance and ensuring a safe work environment.

Vasyl Lomachenko: I see. What about
written laws? What are they called in legal terminology?

Tom Hardy: Written laws are often referred to as statutes. They are the formal laws enacted by a legislative body and are a crucial part of the legal system.

Vasyl Lomachenko: Thanks for clarifying that. By the way, do you know about
the legal gap between shifts in the UK? It’s an interesting employment law concept.

Tom Hardy: Yes, it’s the period between shifts where employees are not working. It’s an important aspect of employment laws and ensuring that workers have adequate rest and time off between shifts.

Vasyl Lomachenko: Fascinating. I’m also curious about
the noun form in legal language. It’s an intriguing topic.

Tom Hardy: The noun form in legal language is crucial for creating clear and concise legal documents and contracts. It’s all about using the right terminology to convey specific legal meanings.

Vasyl Lomachenko: That’s really insightful. It’s like
understanding labour negotiations – it’s all about using the right language and legal frameworks to reach agreements and resolve disputes.

Tom Hardy: Absolutely. Legal language and frameworks play a crucial role in all aspects of life, whether it’s in sports, entertainment, or business.


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